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The Houston Forward Times has scored another first by signing a monumental and historic Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) with Charity Productions/Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast.


The M.O.U. was signed on May 2, 2013 at the recent Quarterly Partnership Exchange Breakfast held at South Union Church of Christ and was done in order to jointly benefit the over sixty Civic clubs, homeowner associations and neighborhoods that participate at the Quarterly Community Partnership Exchange Breakfasts across the Greater Houston area.


Since 1984, CHARITY Productions has held the Quarterly Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast on the North and the South sides of Houston, focusing on social, educational and political issues affecting neighborhoods across Houston. The Quarterly Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast is built around 60 civic clubs and homeowner associations and is the largest regularly non-church meeting in the state of Texas. These breakfast classroom meetings began in 2002 operating on the north and south sides of town and are scheduling two additional locations in 2014. This is the largest quarterly gathering of civic-minded people with an average attendance of nearly 500 people from neighborhoods that are labeled by the government as underserved, hard to serve, and vulnerable.  


“We are extremely excited about our partnership with the Houston Forward Times,” said CHARITY Productions CEO Charles X. White.  “We recognize the Houston Forward Times as the true community newspaper and we know that the participants at our Community Partnership Exchange Breakfasts are going to benefit greatly through the exposure they will receive because of this historic partnership.”


With this newly established partnership, civic clubs and community based organizations will be able to have their issues and needs heard on a broader scale, and enter into a new era of service and advocacy to achieve equity tax based service delivery from a representative form of government as a base objective.    


“Establishing strategic partnerships with entities like CHARITY Productions allow us to connect with the community on a deeper level,” said Houston Forward Times Publisher Karen Carter Richards. “This specific partnership will help us get information straight from the community, strengthen our brand and increase our subscription base.  We look forward to fulfilling the details of our partnership.”


The Houston Forward Times and CHARITY Productions are collaborating to achieve the following goals: 


Develop a Community Civic Engagement Page where community residents will provide leads and help gather story ideas that are important to them and their community; 


Hold a major subscription drive for the Houston Forward Times to ensure community residents are able to stay informed and connected; 


Hold two (2) Political Candidate Forums at the Quarterly Community Partnership Exchange Breakfasts at the North and South locations, with the Houston Forward Times serving as a moderator;  and 


Collaborate on the Houston Forward Times Annual Elected Official Report Card


The Houston Forward Times will be receiving information and stories from these neighborhoods, that after being vetted and approved, will appear in the Houston Forward Times newspaper every week beginning in June.


The Houston Forward Times (HFT) is the largest Black-owned Independently Published Newspaper in the South and is an award-winning, weekly community news media outlet that gives you in-depth information written by, for, and about Blacks in the form of newspaper, TV, radio and the web.


This partnership agreement is for the remaining months of 2013, and for one year, beginning January 1, 2014 and ending on December 31, 2014. Renewal of the agreement is at the discretion of each entity.


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