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121311_sports_texans_championshipChalk Talk with Kim Davis

Houston Texans Talk


How ‘bout them Texans! Whew! I had to get that off my chest. I really struggled with what I should write about this week. There is so much happening in the world of sports and there is a lot I’d like to weigh in on. But there is only so much space. What to do?


I haven’t addressed the allegations that assistant coaches at Penn State and Syracuse and now the president of AAU Basketball molested young boys during their tenure. That is certainly an issue and discussion that deserves this full space and I will certainly get to that in the not too distant future.


Then there’s Texas A&M University hiring University of Houston head coach Kevin Sumlin. That is certainly big news and not just because I’m an Aggie. Texas A&M is heading to the SEC and they/we need a new look, a new attitude and a new direction. Take it from me; Aggies don’t like getting those cans of whoop askmelater opened up on them. So a new coach has a lot riding on what he does in their inaugural season next fall. More on this later as well as why A&M hiring its first African American head football coach in2011 is monumental.


So you’re probably wondering what I am going to write about. Well, I’m glad you asked. Okay, so maybe this week’s subject, issue, concern or whatever you want to call it is an obvious choice. I try not to write about the same thing two weeks in a row unless something really big is happening. Last week I wrote about the Texans and T.J. Yates winning his first start as an NFL quarterback. Well this week we’re revisiting the Texans again. My hope is you won’t mind at all.


I know this is a new team, a new era and the last thing the Texans brass wants to do is drudge up old memories of Bud Adams’ Oilers and the infamous ‘Luv Ya Blue’ era. But come on. The euphoria surrounding the Texans is certainly reminiscent of those good old days.


I remember them like it was yesterday. The Oilers returned home from Pittsburgh two years in a row to an airport filled with fans, the interstate littered with cars cheering them on their ride back to the dome and stadium hosted pep rally bigger than anything I’d ever seen. Now that’s something. If you’re reading this there is a good chance you were around then too and probably remember the scene and the feeling that spread like a wildfire across our fare city.


That’s what sports does for a community. It brings people together regardless of race, background, economics or any of those other things that often divide us. At least in those moments we put aside our differences and isms to celebrate our collective gridiron gallant knights. It’s that old adage of triumph and tragedy that creates a common bond.


The former ABC show ‘The Wild World of Sports’ called it the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Thanks goodness the Texans at 10-3 and recently crowned AFC South Division winners are thrilling us and no longer agonizing us. I mean it’s only taken 10 years to get here. With here being a division title, the team’s first ever playoff appearance, a home playoff appearance I might add and currently on a 7-game winning streak.


The Texans have become a regular darling of national NFL shows. Each week the little team that could is winning over more and more fans, experts and plain old know it alls. It’s a modern day “Luv Ya Blue” and there is no denying it. Bum Phillips may not be talking about kicking the door in, but his son Wade has the defense doing that and more. There’s no Tyler Rose, Dan Pastorini or Kenny Burroughs scaling the sidelines but there is a host of young talent that is making a name for themselves around town and the league.


Plain and simple it’s something special. Who knows how long this ride will last but at a time when the economy is still struggling to get back on it’s feet, people are divided along several contentious lines and people are grasping for something to celebrate the Texans are stepping up the line of scrimmage.


I don’t expect they’ll be playing the old “Luv Ya Blue’ song at the next home game, but I’m sure someone will come up with a jazzy jingle. There is certainly enough happening to inspire a little creativity. Do you think Bob McNair will let them drive the team buses onto Reliant Stadium’s well-manicured turf? Can you imagine a modern day rendition of that AFC Championship game pep rally or a Texas A&M styled yelled practice? Okay, the pep rally would be a lot more fun but remember I am an Aggie. And yes… more on that later.


There you have it, that’s ‘Chalk Talk’ for this week!


Kim Davis is a creative, clever communicator and storyteller with nearly two decades of experience in, television, radio and print. She’s a talk show host, dynamic motivational speaker, media coach, entrepreneur and health and fitness enthusiast. If you would like to request Kim as a speaker, you can reach her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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