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v2_religion_cam_newtonNow quarterbacking for the NFL Carolina Panthers, last year Cam Newton stood tall on and off the college football field in victory, after overcoming hurdles during the regular season that included an NCAA investigation, says


After winning the national championship at Auburn University, he was quick to offer praise to God.


“I thank God every single day,” he told reporters. “I’m just His instrument and He’s using me on a consistent basis daily.” In his remarks, he continued to marvel at the ways God is using him.

“He’s using me to extend his Word and I’m a prime example of how God could turn something that was bad into something that was very great. If God is with me who can be against me.”


v2_religion_riva_timsRiva Tims Can’t Sue; Paula White Now Pastor of New Destiny

Last week it was reported that Riva Tims, wife of the late Pastor Zachery Tims planned to sue the Board of Directors at New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC) and televangelist Paula White who they named Senior Pastor.


The Board indicated in a statement they were “confident” in their right to make that decision. Today, we have insight directly from Riva Tims as to why the church’s attorneys are so confident they have not violated the law and why they feel her claims are baseless. In a post found on Tims’ Facebook Page she explained:


I signed a Marital Settlement Agreement in 2009. The document is over 30 pages including an addendum. There is one sentence that excludes me from filing a legal complaint against the Board of New Destiny Christian Center.


Tims can not sue the church or White, but for the sake of her children’s potential inheritance she is not backing down. “Those who truly knew Dr. Zach [knew] that he would not back down from any opposition but would run to the battle,” she wrote. “I stand in righteous indignation on behalf of him and my children.”


The mother of four will now continue the fight as a supporter of the members who supported her. “I will fully continue to support my New Destiny Christian Center family in every effort to manifest the Spirit of Truth,” she vowed.


Meanwhile, according to the Orlando Sentinel, Paula White addressed the contested transition telling congregants at the New Year’s Eve service:


“I’m not asking you to like me. I’m not asking you to love me or respect me, because I’ll do the work to earn that.”


“I always ask people to give me one year of your life and I promise you will be changed.”


Eddie Long’s New Birth School Shutting Down

Atlanta area parents are shocked and left scrambling to find a school for their children since they found out New Birth Christian Academy will not open its doors again after Christmas break.The Eddie Long church institution is feeling the brunt of a plague of bad press and diminishing church membership. Not enough students remain enrolled in the program, thus forcing the school to be shut down.


One parent spoke to Channel 2, explaining that the closing is a slap in the face. “It’s almost like they purposely waited for the holiday before they sent out this letter. I mean, a letter (that says) my daughter basically does not have a school to go to on Jan. 4,” said the parent.


The letter, although not specifying exactly the cause, is blaming a slowed economy and says the school’s enrollment has been dwindling every year. But the letter also disclosed that the shut down is temporary.


A spokesperson denies that the sex abuse scandal or divorce had anything to do with the decision made. “I don’t believe that. I believe that this last straw with the divorce, the sealed settlement, it just does not look good,” said another parent.


v2_religion_jennifer_hudsonJennifer Hudson Credits Brother for Comeback after Family Murders

Just months after a family tragedy that saw her mother, brother and nephew murdered, Jennifer Hudson somehow gathered the strength to return to the stage for a performance of the Star-Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XLIII.


But as the “Dreamgirls” star and former “American Idol” favorite sees it, she didn’t have a choice — her murdered brother wouldn’t have it any other way.


Hudson appears on the Jan. 8 edition of NBC’s “Dateline” to discuss the tragedy, among other topics, and tells the show’s Lester Holt that she heard her brother Jason’s voice, which urged her to undertake the comeback performance, reports Reuters.


“I felt as though I had to,” Hudson tells Holt. “Just the same as I hear my mother’s voice in my head, I can hear my brother’s voice in my head. And he– they, like, everybody, it’s like, is she ever gonna sing again? Is she gonna– you know? And what was I gonna say to that– I could hear him, like, ‘Jennifer–’ he would always say, ‘Knock it off, Jenny,’ if I was cryin’ about somethin’ or if I was upset, discouraged, mad, ‘Jenny, knock it off.’ That’s what I hear in my head. And it’s like, ‘Okay, well, what they want me to do? I can either just sit here and mope around, or do what I know that would make them proud.’ And that’s what I did.”


During the interview, Hudson also reveals how she would have been on the scene at the time of the murders were it not for her fiance, professional wrestler David Otunga.


“I remember it like yesterday,” Hudson recalls. “I was literally picking up my bags to walk out the door to go to my mother’s house. And he called me, like, ‘Can you come out here instead of going, you know?’ And I was like, ‘Okay, sure.’ And that one decision, that one thing, I wouldn’t be sitting here.”


Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donerson, along with her brother Jason, were found shot to death in Donerson’s Chicago home on October 24, 2008; Donerson was 57, and Jason 29. After a search, Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, was found in a parked car, after dying of what the medical examiner’s office determined to be multiple gunshot wounds.


William Balfour, the estranged husband of Hudson’s sister Julia, pleaded not guilty to the murders and awaits trial in February.

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