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Dr. King’s efforts led to the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, where King delivered his “Normalcy, Never Again” speech, most commonly referred to as the “I Have a Dream” speech. 

v5_jboney_mlk_thinkingSince his death on April 4, 1968 and since that speech in 1963, his vision of a color blind society and a land of racial equality have been continuously promoted across the nation.

But after some of the foolishness that we continue to see coming from people in this country, particularly in the black community, I’m sure Dr. King is probably turning over his grave. 

When he said, “I Have a Dream,” I know that this is not the type of stuff he would want to be associated with promoting.

I can only hope that you missed seeing this flyer, seriously disrespecting Dr. King, by using his image to promote a Miami strip club’s event over the MLK holiday. 

The “I Have a Dream Bash,” as they called it, features Dr. King holding a fist-full of cash, along with strippers in bikinis looking like they are ready for him to make it rain.

The graphic designer, Jeffrey Darnell Paul, said he didn’t realize the flyer would cause any problems or generate the type of controversy that it did.

“I wasn’t trying to disrespect anybody,” said Paul.  “It was just supposed to be a promotional thing, it wasn’t about disgracing Martin Luther King, it wasn’t about that.”

Paul, who owns South Side Graphix, said he produces flyers for the club every week and that he made the flyer of Dr. King about a week before the event was to take place.

“It was proposed to me like a birthday bash for Martin Luther King, I put a flyer together without thinking about the effects it would have,” said Paul.  “It’s something that I really didn’t think about.”

Did you hear that?

He said it was something that he really didn’t think about.

The event that was supposed to begin on that Sunday and end on MLK Day Monday was canceled after he realized the flyer was inappropriate.

Before he realized how inappropriate the flyer was, it had started circulating all over the Internet and social media sites.

When asked when interviewed by NBC Miami what he was thinking, he said, “Promotion!”

This isn’t your favorite rapper or entertainer. 

This is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and we must respect his legacy.

Although Paul apologized, I am hopeful he learned his lesson. It just speaks to a bigger issue of the way we view ourselves as a people.

How can you not know that something like this is wrong, unless you have become numb to this type of foolishness and a victim of ignorance?

Stop saying that the music isn’t to blame or Hollywood isn’t to blame or that TV isn’t to blame.   They may not be the primary cause, but you have to admit that they are contributing factors.

We need to start educating our kids and letting them know the difference between right and wrong and shield them from the debauchery that would lead them to make asinine decisions like this young man made.

I forgive the brother for his ignorance, but won’t forget the fact that he wasn’t thinking like many before and after him.




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