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020612_sunday_schoolHolman Street Baptist Church:

Sunday School-LTC Lessons

A Weekly Christian Growth Series

A Christian Life Connection Series



Lesson # 4: How Christ Helps Me To Know Myself Better

Bible Fact: God’s word teaches believers the positive value of how to humanly relate to themselves in a spiritually appropriate manner.


Bible Text: Luke 10:27b


Aim: To lead students to improve their individual spiritual relationship with themselves by knowing God’s will for their life.


It is not what men eat but what they digest that makes them strong; Not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; not what we preach but what we practice that makes us Christians.


I. According to John 3:3, 5 identify what one spiritual fact that must happen to me in order to faithfully and fruitfully experience and to be able to express the Christian life in me to others according to God’s design.


II. What are at least four (4) things that I must do to begin living and experiencing maximum joy of my new life in me that produces rebounding power to treat myself better from day to day? Read Romans 6:3-7 and comment.


III. What difficulties will I have relating to me as a person and a Christian if I do not have the Spirit of God actively controlling who I am? Read Romans 8:8-11


IV. Now that I am saved I get a chance to know me and relate to the new me according the blue print of God’s will. Read Jeremiah 29:11. According to II Corinthians 5:17 what happens to my old adamic nature after I am saved that came with me at my natural birth?


V. Class discussion: Why is it necessary for each Christian to be born again in order for them to know their true person?



v6_facebook_suicideYoung Woman Dies After Tweeting on 21st Birthday

Every day we use various social networks to express our thoughts. Those thoughts range anywhere from the most insignificant and trivial to some of the most poignant words on life and other topics. One young woman took to Twitter as she turned 21 and thanked “God for another year of life” when hours later, she suddenly collapsed and died.


Ariane Noelle Patterson had no signs of illness when she passed away on January 17, but according to the New York Daily News, she died from a heart attack caused by Lupus. She had suffered with the illness since she was nine years old. The college senior was energetic and happy about her 21st birthday when she collapsed during her religion class at Gardner-Webb, a North Carolina christian college.


A Facebook page in her honor has been established called “In Loving Memory of Ariane Noelle Patterson.”







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