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banner_jboney_colorWhenever circumstances occur in my life, I seek to learn from them and gain revelation from those experiences.

Recently, I was at my office when I received a phone call from home, informing me that my 11-year old son had suffered an injury. The severity of his injury was not fully known. I was told that he had been in tears and that he was complaining of serious pain.

Upon arriving at home, I found my son in my bedroom, lying in my favorite chair. He was trying to sleep to avoid the pain, but couldn’t. I observed his swollen wrist and was able to feel the swelling upon touching both wrists.

I told my son that he would need to go to the emergency room to see a doctor because his wrists appeared to be broken.

I asked him to tell me exactly what happened, in his own words.   He proceeded to tell me that he and some neighborhood friends were being adventurous and decided to climb up one of our neighbors’ tree. He wanted to show his friends how tough and bold he was, so he jumped out of the tree at its’ highest point and found himself falling to the ground awkwardly. To break his fall, he reached out his arms and the rest is history.

Two fractured wrists later, my son was faced with the startling reality that he would have to wear a brace on both wrists for 4-6 weeks, completely changing his summer plans and planned physical activities. It was gonna be a tough pill to swallow, but as they is what it is.

Interestingly enough though, the main thing I found lacking from my son’s new reality check was his failure to realize he wasn’t going to be able to do many of the routine things he was accustomed to by himself anymore.

Brushing his teeth; taking a bath; eating his food; putting on his clothes; opening a door; tying his shoes; and the biggest one......using the bathroom.

He was embarrassed and disappointed, but the feeling he had that superseded them all was the feeling of helplessness.

You see, through this experience I learned some things.

We were created to need one another and depend on one another. We can’t do anything in this world by ourselves.

No man is an island!

When we refuse to build relationships with people, we deny one of the most important aspects of life that God intended us to do.

Using my son’s experience, imagine if he treated his sisters and his parents so bad that we refused to help him with his basic needs?

The bottom line is, he currently needs our help and support and he can’t afford to ruin those relationships. Moreover, it is because of those relationships that he is able to be helped and supported.

You and I need help and support from others, but how are you handling your current relationships with your fellow man?

Are you treating one another with respect and dignity or are you acting like no one matters?

Truth be told, my son probably didn’t realize just how important his family was until he really needed us.  

Many of us tend to fall victim to the same thought process as it relates to business, community, friends and even family.

We must be cognizant of the way we handle relationships, because we will never really know who we are going to need and when we are going to need them.

Don’t forget...........No man is an island!


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