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Issue: In an interview with People magazine to promote her new gardening book, when asked if she could be anyone in the world, First Lady Michelle Obama, replied “Beyonce.” It quickly spiraled into a firestorm when commenters on predominantly African-American websites, who tend to be fans of the first lady, Beyonce, or both, made it clear that many found the first lady’s response troubling, and some found it downright embarrassing.

Beyonce, is pretty, talented, rich and famous, and to top it all off she seems like one of the nicest celebrities on the planet. She is also best known, for her singing and for wearing as little clothing as possible while doing it. And as successful as she may be, like many black entertainers before her, she pursued her career at the expense of pursuing an education. So when the most influential black woman in the world, armed with degrees from some of the best institutions in the world, names Beyonce, a singer best known for a song called “Bootylicious,” as someone she aspires to be, it makes it more difficult to encourage young black girls who didn’t go to Princeton to aspire to more than that.

Question: Do you find the first lady’s remark a misstep and troubling, or is that just simply a lighthearted answer, and nothing more than that?





Melissa Dunlop

If she said Oprah, I could understand that. I love Beyonce, but that answer required more thought, as much as I admire the first lady.



Ryan Dawes

No matter what she said, she’d have been second-guessed. Her answer was authentic, and I appreciate that.



Allison Braden

I’m disappointed to hear Mrs. Obama say she wanted to be Beyonce. While I love them both, for different reasons, that answer sounded juvenile and not well thought out. It was definitely a misstep.




Latoya Gilmore

There is nothing wrong with that answer. Everyone fantasizes about being Beyonce at least one time, don’t lie!



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