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v7_black_tech_gurus_castoroAnthony Castoro

Heatwave Interactive

Anthony Castoro started his first gaming company in 1993 while studying molecular bi­ology at the University of Texas. That venture didn’t last, and while he went on to do award-winning work with major industry players, the desire to strike out on his own persisted. In 2007 Castoro co-founded Heatwave Interactive with Donn McClendon. As CEO he oversees the develop­ment of a portfolio with film and music industry creden­tials. Samuel L. Jackson lent his voice to iSamJackson, an app capitalizing on the beauty of a few choice words. With Platinum Life, members can experience the false starts and glory of fame by playing the part of their favorite recording artists. Initially released with a hip hop and R&B catalogue, a country music version with MTV backing has recently gone live on Facebook.



v7_black_tech_gurus_beauchampJacqueline Beauchamp

Nerjyzed Entertainment

Having caught herself com­plaining about diversity in gaming, Jacqueline Beau­champ realized that she had to be the change she wanted to see. Three colleagues – all HBCU alum – caught her vi­sion and in 2004 they got to work. It took five years but when Nerjyzed Entertain­ment launched ‘The Black College Football Experience: The Doug Williams Edition’, they were not only fulfill­ing a dream, but breaking new ground. Never before had a black-owned company brought a game for a high-end console to market. Today it’s carried by Walmart, Game Stop and Amazon.

v6_google_privacy_policyGoogle announced changes to its privacy policies that will allow the web giant to merge user data collected across multiple services, an update that promises to renew scrutiny over Google’s privacy practices.

The new privacy policies go into effect on March 1. Users have no choice but to accept the changes, except, of course, to stop using Google’s services.

v3_technews_mcneilMulti-Devices = A Multitasking Success

Whew! Is it me? Or is 2012 flying by already? I am a January baby, and I celebrate my born day at the beginning of the month. As soon as my birthday is over, I sometimes feel like it’s July already, mainly because I am a busy lady and the days just get away from me so quickly. You know the feeling, whether it’s your job, taking care of your family’s needs, making sure you even remember to take care of your needs…it’s tough.

v2_tech_newsThe countdown has ended. As we welcome a brand new shiny year, I’ve already been pouring through the magazine articles that promise me, “A New Year, A New You!” Here we go – again. Last year I was convinced that if Jennifer Hudson could lose weight through Weight Watchers, then I could too. And of course, there was an “app” to help me with that. I am not alone in my quest to find a quick way to a new and improved way of life – via my smartphone, according to a recent Nielsen study.

The State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report, the latest of Nielsen’s ongoing smartphone analytics research, tells us nearly half of all American mobile consumers (44%) now own a smartphone. Plus, Nielsen’s recently released State of the African-American Consumer Report, confirms 44% of all new mobile phones purchased by Blacks are smartphones, so that now 33%, or a whopping 14 million, of us own one.

v1_smartphone_battery_lifeNo matter what type of smartphone you have, the device can serve as your MP3 player, digital camera, gaming system, and even your TV while you’re out and about — as long as you have battery power. If it seems like smarter phones are getting less life out of their batteries... you’re absolutely right. Smartphones can help you get a lot done while traveling, but if you’re doing a lot on one in a day, you’re apt to see your screen go dark long before the sun goes down.

Watching out for a few small things during your day, however, can help extend battery life on your trusty device and make sure you’ve got enough juice to make it all day and well into the night.


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