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Kevin_ClashKevin Clash isn’t completely off the hook since his original accuser went public.

The Elmo puppeteer resigned from his position at Sesame Street, but was followed by new claims of inappropriate, underage sexual encounters with four others, two of whose names have yet to be released.

The four gentlemen missed the prosecution deadline by a couple of months. According to state law, child sex-assault victims have from 18 to 23 years old to present their case.

Chris_Tucker_Photo_USE_THISIn “Silver Linings Playbook,” Chris Tucker and Bradley Cooper play close friends who meet when they are both patients in a psychiatric hospital. Cooper’s Pat Solitano, a former schoolteacher, is sent there for eight months as part of a plea bargain. He caught his wife showering with another man and nearly beat the man to death during a violent breakdown.

v46_entertainmentChris Webber Establishes a Film Production Company. Chris Webber knows where the money is at.

The former NBA star made more than $180 million in salary alone during his long 15-year career in the league. It could have been longer if it wasn’t for a bum knee.

v45_rzaRapper-turned-director Rza has signed on to direct a biopic about Mongol Empire leader Genghis Khan, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

v42_oprah_rereWhen Rihanna decided to reconcile with Chris Brown and get back on the “couple’s list” again, heads turned, women were publicly outraged, and Oprah spoke.

The former talk show host diva said she wasn’t surprised that they rekindled their relationship, but she did offer some advice for the singer.


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