v35_sparkleAn actress of 15 years, Carmen Ejogo has appeared in several films ("Lakawana Blues," "Sally Hemings") but playing the role of Sister, the complex central character in "Sparkle," gave Ejogo a chance to display her range of talent, which includes singing.

For Ejogo, "Sparkle" just might ignite a second career.

"Singing is something I have a lot of passion for, but I’ve never really made enough space for it because I’ve really focused on being an actress."

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v35_beyonceBeyonce’s music video “I Was Here” for the UN’s World Humanitarian Day campaign generated one billion messages encouraging people to do a good deed on Sunday.

The campaign is designed to increase the amount of good deeds done by ordinary people, and additionally, to give something back to those partaking humanitarian work. The campaign asked people to help others on Sunday by making sandwiches for the homeless or volunteering at a local charity.

v33_WestKanye West commandeered the DJ booth at a New York City nightclub on Saturday and reportedly sent the crowd into a frenzy when he surprised them with some of his new tracks, reports the New York Daily News.

The rapper was at Ph-D Rooftop Lounge with Leonardo DiCaprio and the actor’s girlfriend, lingerie model Erin Heatherton, when he decided to take control of the music.

According to the Daily News, West hooked up his laptop to the stereo system and played songs from his upcoming album “Cruel Summer,” which is due for release in September.

Fans were said to have been “in awe” after he played a new track tentatively titled “My Perfect B**ch,” believed to be about his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

An insider tells the publication, “(He raps) verses about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the ‘perfect b**ch.’”

West ended his 45-minute set with his single “Way Too Cold,” (formerly known as “Theraflu”) which famously references Kardashian while swiping at her ex-husband, basketball player Kris Humphries.

v31_BarryBerry Gordy is gearing up for something totally new. He’s writing a Broadway musical about his life.

But don’t expect a whole lot of the real Motown in there. It could be void of many themes most are familiar with.

One critic is on the fence about how this actually might turn out. Thankfully Motown has some great music so if it is thrown in there, the show will be an automatic hit.

His story is an interesting one, but is colorful with drama and conflict that isn’t so flattering to his character.

There’s a good chance, though, the juicy stuff won’t be included.

The 82-year-old legend is best known for making music giants like Smokey Robinson and nurturing the talent that makes singers great.

He brought up artists like the Four Tops, The Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gay, among many, many other music legends.

v29_brandyMulti-talented singer and actress, Brandy Norwood got her start in the world of fame at the tender age of 15 as a singer and later as an actress on popular show “Moesha.”

The pressures of life and work eventually boiled over, pushing the young diva over the edge with an eating disorder and breakdown.

v26_ArtTatumOne of the greatest improvisers in jazz history, Art Tatum also set the standard for technical dexterity with his classic 1933 recording of “Tea for Two.” Nearly blind, Tatum’s artistic vision and ability made him an icon of jazz piano, a musician whose impact will be felt for generations to come. While Tatum’s skills were undeniable, his style continues to stir controversy on whether or not he was an “official” jazz musician. Some jazz critics dismissed his playing as so much ornate window-dressing and the pianist himself as a novelty instead of a serious jazz artist; others saw him as the new and improved second coming of stride legend Fats Waller, one of Tatum’s idols.

v25_robley_peacockIn Houston, Texas where he was born in 1903 in the historic Fifth Ward district to an African-American middle-class multi-racial family, Don ‘Deadric’ Robey was by all accounts destined for business greatness. Although his parents and family had merely assumed that he’d be a great lawyer or doctor or an educator, Don had other ideas. In spite of his early academic gifts, he dropped out of school as a teenager and began a quest to make his own way as an entrepreneur.

v25_hot_summer_concertsAre you travelling with the family for the summer?  Check out some of these hot concerts dates.  Oh yeah, single ladies and gents, get your groove on this summer.

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v14_noah_sowLet me introduce to you to a German rock band I’ve been listening to…

Noah Sow blends art and activism in her work. She’s the author of Deutschland Schwarz Weiss, (a book that touches upon Germany’s modern race issues) and lead singer of the Hamburg based band Noiseaux.

v8_leandria_johnsonGospel News...Houston’s Own Le’Andria Johnson Wins GRAMMY® Award for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance for “Jesus” 

Houston’s own Le’Andria Johnson wins first GRAMMY® Award for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance for her single “Jesus.” Le’Andria also performed on the 54th Annual GRAMMY® Pre-Telecast Ceremony along with label mate Trin-i-tee 5:7, Kim Burrell and Kelly Price in a segment titled “Ladies of Gospel” which aired on Sunday, February 12. The ceremony was streamed live internationally at and The live stream of the Pre-Telecast will remain on as video on demand for 30 days following the event.

Need some nice mellow jazz to listen to while you work?  Check out  I am been a frequent listener and this is one of the best kept music secrets on the Internet.  Now you know!


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