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Veteran Actress Tasha Smith and Missouri City, TX native Crystle Stewart came to Houston to promote their new show “For Better or Worse.” You will recognize Tasha Smith as Angela, from Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married” series. In this new show Tasha reprises her role, opposite Michael Jai White who plays Marcus, as Angela, his wife. Also starring in this sitcom as Leslie will be Houston native Crystle Stewart who was Miss USA 2008.


Continuing on with the web series beat… as I said previously, I’ve got an inbox full of these, and will be unloading them here, after sifting through the deluge for those that I think stand out above the others.

Last Friday I featured episode 1 of Sasha Compere’s The Chronicles, which was very well received by you folks, so as soon as she drops episode 2, I’ll share it here.

Rev. Al Sharpton and Black Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain do not see eye to eye. Mr. Sharpton is exactly who he is suppose to be and makes no apologies for his delivery.  Mr. Cain is a black man who wants to be recognized as articulate and worthy of the highest position in America, President of the United States.  With that combination, conflict is unavoidable.

This is what the "media" had to say about these two brothers:


During one of Al Sharpton’s more obnoxious moments in NBC’s post-debate coverage, he challenged GOP candidate Herman Cain on his position on states’ rights. During the answer when Mr. Cain referred to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Sharpton interrupted him and said “65″ as if he was correcting Mr. Cain’s knowledge of history. Of course, Sharpton got it wrong, the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 just as Mr. Cain said.

If Al Sharpton can’t even bring an expertise on civil rights issues to NBC News, what does he bring?


What do you say he brings? Let's Talk About It...

Al Sharpton Named host MSNBCAl Sharpton has been officially named the host of the 6 PM hour on MSNBC. The network announced Tuesday that Sharpton will host "PoliticsNation" on weeknights starting August 29.

Sharpton has been the de facto host of the hour for many weeks, but no official announcement had been made until Tuesday. He replaced Cenk Uygur as the all-but-official 6 PM host after Uygur's acrimonious exit from MSNBC in July.


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