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v7_liberian_mercenariesThe arrest of some 70 indi­viduals linked to the spread of subversive activities in neigh­boring Ivory Coast by Liberian authority near its southeastern border with Ivory Coast seems to worry Ivorian Nationals and other Liberians residing in that West African state.

Recently, these Liberian ‘mercenaries’ were arrested for their alleged involvement in plans to destabilize the neigh­bouring country, an adminis­trative official told AFP.




The story of African Americans is a story of resilience and perseverance. It traces a people who refused to accept the circumstances under which they arrived on these shores, and it chronicles the generations who fought for an America that truly reflects the ideals enshrined in our founding documents. It is the narrative of slaves who shepherded others along the path to freedom and preachers who organized against the rules of Jim Crow, of young people who sat-in at lunch counters and ordinary men and women who took extraordinary risks to change our Nation for the better. During National African American History Month, we celebrate the rich legacy of African Americans and honor the remarkable contributions they have made to perfecting our Union.

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v6_louisiana_educationLouisiana Cuts Deliver Blow to Black Universities

As Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal boasted at his inauguration about the progress Louisiana has made under the first four years of his administration, two leaders of North Louisiana’s Black Univer­sities are bracing to fend off the effects of mid-year cutbacks imposed by the governor.

v2_sam_logan_nnpaSam Logan, publisher of the Michigan Chronicle, one of the nation’s largest and oldest African-American newspapers, died Dec. 28 at his home in Detroit. He was 78.

For nearly 40 years, Logan championed the interests of Detroit’s African-American community, gaining the respect and admiration of allies and foes for his pioneering and formidable efforts in journalism and business.

v1_holder_bank_of_americaLender is Punished for ‘Discrimination with a Smile’


Bank of America has agreed to pay $335 million, the largest housing fair lending settlement in history to settle allegations that Countrywide Financial Corp., its recently acquired subsidiary, engaged in widespread discrimination against African American and Hispanic borrowers just before the near-collapse of the U.S. economy.

v1_terrence_howard_racistThe estranged wife of Terrence Howard hates black people and often referred to Howard as “monkey” and “n*gger,” according to TMZ.

From TMZ:

Howard is in the middle of perhaps the nastiest divorce we’ve ever seen — with both sides accusing the other of extreme violence and other hateful conduct.

121111_nnpa_pageBy Kyle S. Yeldell
NNPA Foundation

The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) utilized its Region 2 Conference to usher new developments and opportunities for its member papers Friday.

NNPA Region 2 President R. B. Holmes, Jr., the publisher of the Tallahassee-based Capital Outlook, helped facilitate the conference in his home state with the help of co-chairs Jackie Hampton (Mississippi Link) and Rosetta Miller Perry (Tennessee Tribune). The conference offered several forums to help further marketing and advertising ideas.

113011_troy_davis_sisterThe cause of death was breast cancer, according to USA Today.

Davis's case became a cause celebre before he was executed by the state of Georgia in September. Davis was convicted in the 1989 shooting of Mark MacPhail, a police officer in Savannah, Ga. The legal proceedings became a rallying point for opponents of the death penalty, who argued that there was too much reasonable doubt in his case for him to be executed.

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- He's plotting an aggressive campaign schedule across several states, but Herman Cain has begun to outline a possible exit strategy from the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

112211_Edelman_LomaxNew partnership will increase advocacy reach and focus on communities of color


Stand for Children Leadership Center (Stand) and the Education Equality Project (EEP) announced that the two education organizations have permanently joined forces and are now integrating their work to improve public schools and close the pervasive achievement gap that exists in too many American communities, including right here in Texas.


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