v31_DarkKnightThere’s no question that “The Dark Knight Rises” will be another box office biggie, but how big – and how badly attendance was hurt by the Colorado theater massacre – will remain a mystery until Monday, reports TheWrap.

On Sunday, Warner Bros., rival studios and box office data firm Rentrak held fast to their decision to withhold early numbers and their estimates for the weekend. In a Friday release, the studio said it delayed the report “out of respect for the victims and their families.”

At 9:01 a.m. PT Sunday morning, Rentrak Theatrical sent out its box office data spreadsheet titled Weekend Estimates as usual — but it was blank. The blackout means that there was no official data on any film, from art-house indie to blockbuster.

Based on Friday’s grosses, pre-sale figures and anecdotal reports, analysts see the film taking in between id="mce_marker"50 million and id="mce_marker"70 million for the three days.

“By not releasing box office numbers this weekend, the studios are attempting to turn the focus away from the accustomed monetary rankings, and instead keep the focus on what’s really important — discussing the tragedy and its aftermath,” Exhibitor Relations senior analyst Jeff Bock told TheWrap on Sunday. “We can all certainly wait one more day to pontificate on the tabulations.”

It’s official… almost.

Mariah Carey will be the next “American Idol” judge, replacing J.Lo on the show.

If all goes just right, the singer will be making more than id="mce_marker"7 million for one season.

At first, her hubby Nick Cannon, doubted the show had enough cash flow to fund the superstar’s presence on the show.

“I don’t know if they can afford Mariah Carey,” Cannon told TMZ earlier as we reported. “That’s a lot of money.”

Let’s not get too excited though. This isn’t the first time she’s been rumored to be the next judge. In 2010, thus was the same story.

In the meantime, another judge needs to be replaced. Artists like Nicki Minaj have even come up, but one diva is hoping to have her name called.

Aretha Franklin has publicly lamented her not being even called up for the gig.

She suspects with all of her experience and lovely personality, she should be the next judge. She even suggested other legends like Patti LaBelle.

v28_tomas_carterThe young coach turned the perennial loser into a legend by launching a streak of 138 straight victories. From 1992 to 2004, he guided his team to perhaps the greatest dynasty in sports history. Ladouceur’s Spartans inspired the ESPN documentary “The Greatest Streak.”

Mandalay acquired the rights to Neil Hayes’ 2003 book and now is in discussions with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group to team on the $20 million film, which is being prepped for a September start. Mandalay likely will assemble a cast of relative unknowns around a name actor to play Ladouceur, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

v26_MadeaTyler Perry returns as America’s favorite brash, no-holds-barred grandma in Lionsgate’s TYLER PERRY’S MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION, an outrageous culture clash comedy that also stars Eugene Levy, Denise Richards and Doris Roberts.

For years, George Needleman (Levy), the gentle CFO of a Wall Street investment bank, has been living with his head in the clouds. His frustrated second wife, Kate (Richards), has reached her limit taking care of his senile mother, Barbara (Roberts). His teenage daughter, Cindy (Danielle Campbell), is spoiled beyond hope and his seven-year-old son, Howie (Devan Leos), wishes his father were around more. But George is finally forced to wake up when he learns that his firm, Lockwise Industries, has been operating a mob-backed Ponzi scheme – and that he’s been set up as the fall guy.

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"Dates are being discussed, and it's still early, but the reasoning is that Whitney's fans will want to see her in this movie, in which she gives a remarkable performance," a studio insider reports. "This absolutely isn't being done to make money. The IMDB website for the Sparkle movie has received record traffic in the hours since Whitney died.


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