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banner_val_weeks_healthWhen it comes to losing weight or making the healthiest choices for your lifestyle, you probably imagine that it takes long hours in a gym plus long days and nights planning and preparing nutritious meals. Much to your surprise, a quick and easy change can substantially improve your immediate health and wellness. How quick? One may ask…just ONE minute—that’s it! Try any one of these 60 second activities to easily reap the health benefits.

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A recent study in the journal Pediatrics found that the number of children who received prescriptions for drugs used to treat ADHD continues to increase.

However, the authors noted that their research did not track whether the drugs were actually used, only that they were prescribed.

Ritalin, the drug most often given to adolescents, and other ADHD drugs like Adderall account for most of the ADHD drug prescriptions between 2002 and 2010, but the researchers noted use of these medications is stabilizing and being replaced by newer drugs, such as Vyvanse and Focalin.

v34_children-with-adhd-300x198In line with much of the controversy surrounding this issue, the considerable increase in the number of prescriptions for ADHD drugs is due to a higher number of diagnoses.

The most important thing is to get the diagnosis right!

If your child has been properly diagnosed, and was on medication at the end of the last school year, there are some considerations as you prepare for him/her to prepare for the start of school.

Was your child off of their ADHD medications during the summer break? If so, you may want to restart it at least a week or two before school starts to get back the routine of taking their medicine each day. This is especially important if your child is taking a drug like Strattera, which can take two or three weeks to even begin working.

V34_stressedNote to all the large ladies: Science has discovered a new way to get a man and keep a man: Just add some drama and just like that, you got him right where you want him.

Umm, in real life that may or may not work as far as we’re concerned, but, that’s what the study says.

Men under stress find overweight and obese women to be more attractive than do guys in a relaxed state of mind, new research finds.

The findings complement previous studies that have shown when resources are scarce, people prefer heavier partners, presumably because fatness is a sign that the person has access to food and is healthy. In women, for example, being underweight can make it more difficult to get and stay pregnant.

According to one hypothesis, this pattern should hold when people are emotionally stressed, because a heavier, more mature body type is indicative of someone who can handle a rough patch. But few studies have investigated whether stressed people really do prefer heavier bodies.

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v34_nell_davis2012-med-small(Via The Body) – Nell Davis never expected to be in the national spotlight at 64 years old.

The California mother and grandmother never expected to be diagnosed with HIV, either. But she has become one of the new faces of HIV by being featured in the Frontline documentary Endgame on PBS and participating in several panels at AIDS 2012, the International AIDS Conference.

Davis tells her story with quiet dignity, and in the process she has become a voice for and a minister to other women “of a certain age” who find themselves navigating the waters of HIV.

The unlikely activist, who relies heavily on her faith to get her through, says that it became important to her to bring HIV education and awareness to her own church.

banner_val_weeks_healthHave you ever heard the phrase, “only clothes get old”? Whether you are a marathon running boomer or running after your grandkids, you and I both know that growing old doesn’t actually mean “growing old.” If you are curious about how to stave off the effects of aging, consider utilizing preventative and restorative massage. That just might be what your body ordered.


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