As we prepare for free agency in the NBA, there are plenty of big name players that will be available. There’s no doubt that the Houston Rockets are going to pursue Dwight Howard, but what may surprise you is sources close to the Rockets say the team plans a similar and simultaneous pursuit of Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul.

Howard has been quoted saying he will explore his options but has been in contact with Rockets players James Harden and Chandler Parsons.


The stage has been set and the Miami Heat will return to the NBA Finals. With the Pacers forcing a Game 7, Miami had their backs up against the wall but responded as defending champions should.


LeBron James led all scorers with 32 points along with eight rebounds and four assists. Dwayne Wade added 21 points and nine rebounds. His 21 points matched his postseason high and helped lead the Heat to a 99-76 blowout victory.


DHowardMany people thought that the San Antonio Spurs were too old to make a bid for a NBA championship. After sweeping the Memphis Grizzles in the Western Conference Finals, they are proving everyone wrong.

DHowardThings were very different last summer as the Houston Rockets were making preparations to land an all star on the team. With Dwight Howard leaving the Orlando Magic, the Rockets pursued Howard hoping he’d make Houston his home. They pulled out all the tricks from the bag, yet Houston was no where close on his radar. He ended up with the Los Angeles Lakers.

ChandlerParsonsJust as he’s done throughout his first two seasons in the NBA, Chandler Parsons has continued to improve every step of the way through his initial foray into the world of NBA playoff basketball. The 24-year-old’s numbers have spiked through each of his first four games thus far, culminating with a monster 27-point, 10-rebound, 8-assist performance that carried the Rockets to a season-saving win in Game 4 of their first round matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder.


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