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v7_inequities_in_the_criminal_justice_systemInequities in the Criminal Justice System Must Cease 


Those of us in law en­forcement who have the power must seek legal ways to end this endless journey to justice not equally sought and applied when people of different colors are tried for the same offense as other preferred races. Only professionals in law enforce­ment can lead the charge for equal justice. If those law en­forcement voices are silent, the same old same old will contin­ue to exist.

v7_black_pharmacy_in_dangerThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering whether to allow a corporate merger that could result in great strides backward for African Americans and others suffering from economic and health ills.  

Stick with me, because it gets a little complicated.

v7_earthen_vessels_sandra_organ_danceWith Women Of The Movement: Matriarchs And Heroines Of Black History


February 17-19 and 24-26, 2012, EVSODC presents its 14th Annual Black History Month Performance. The program, Mothers of the Movement: Matriarchs and Heroines of Black History tells stories and pays homage to female pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement including Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks through invigorating music and innovative dances. Other choreographic works take inspiration from writers Maya Angelou and Lucille Clifton as well as singers Sweet Honey in the Rock, Roberta Flack, and Nina Simone. Additionally, the program features special guest, Yolanda Gibbs, a former company member who originated many of these roles, and was named 2005 Dancer of the Year by Houston Press. EVSODC will give six public performances of Mothers of the Movement: Matriarchs and Heroines of Black History.

v7_liberian_mercenariesThe arrest of some 70 indi­viduals linked to the spread of subversive activities in neigh­boring Ivory Coast by Liberian authority near its southeastern border with Ivory Coast seems to worry Ivorian Nationals and other Liberians residing in that West African state.

Recently, these Liberian ‘mercenaries’ were arrested for their alleged involvement in plans to destabilize the neigh­bouring country, an adminis­trative official told AFP.

v7_romney_blacks_dont_care_about_poor_peopleFormer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s recent statement, “I’m not concerned about the very poor….We have a safety net…. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it” has caused once again considerable debate about poverty in America. But for millions of impoverished Black Americans the focus should be on encouraging education, self-empowerment and economic development as a means of getting out of poverty rather than waiting on some non-caring presidential candidate to patch a gaping hole in the so-called poverty-prevention safety net.

v7_obama_one_term_presidentWill Obama be a One-Term President?

President Barack Obama is poised to win a second term as President of the United States of America. There are many in the media who are predict­ing that he will be a one-term President and are watching the Republican candidates battle it out for the nomination. At this point in the process, it is too late to even think that any Republican can beat the Presi­dent. President Obama has not even begun to campaign and the whole dynamic of the race for the Presidency is changing as we speak. The President, from the early beginning of his administration, has strategi­cally put into place procedures and guidelines that would as­sure a positive outcome in the long term. It is these proce­dures and guidelines that are now starting to bear fruit and will continue to show promise in the future.


 v7_black_genocide_of_the_dollar_articleThe Tulsa Race Riot was one of the worst acts of racial violence in American history.  Over 35 square blocks of homes and businesses were torched by mobs of angry whites on June 1, 1921.

The riot began because a white woman, named Sarah Page, allegedly lied on an African American man, named Dick Rowland.


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