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112211_black_friday_shoppersBy Alexis Taylor
Afro American Newspaper


Turkey lovers everywhere will have to shake off that after-dinner drowsiness a little sooner than usual if they plan to take advantage of some of the best Black Friday deals this year. For the first time ever, electronics, clothing, and other hot commodities will go on sale in some stores as early as 9 p.m. Thanksgiving night.

112211_reform_sentencing_mathisBY Judge Greg Mathis

Guest Writer


In 1986, as part of the “War on Drugs,” Congress established minimum sentencing laws for drug offenses. The sentencing guidelines removed the judge’s ability to consider the defendant’s personal history and the circumstances that may have led to the crime. Instead, the sentence was handed down based on the nature of the offense and the type of drug being sold. Those who supported mandatory minimums believed they would lead to a drop in drug related crimes if defendants knew they’d be facing certain - and lengthy - jail sentences. They were wrong. Mandatory minimums have nearly tripled the number of federal prisoners in the last 20 years and have grossly overcrowded federal prisons. Additionally, federal mandatory minimum laws have caused black men to be incarcerated at disproportionate rates.

112211_andrew_burksDue to the shockingly dismal turnout of 13% for the recent November General Election held on Nov. 8th for the Mayoral and various other City Council, HISD and HCC races, political pundits unfortunately expect an even less turnout for the scheduled Runoff Election on Saturday, Dec. 10th.

112211_Edelman_LomaxNew partnership will increase advocacy reach and focus on communities of color


Stand for Children Leadership Center (Stand) and the Education Equality Project (EEP) announced that the two education organizations have permanently joined forces and are now integrating their work to improve public schools and close the pervasive achievement gap that exists in too many American communities, including right here in Texas.

112211_quanell_articleby Jeffrey L. Boney
Forward Times Staff Writer

The community is seeking more information about the recent allegations reported by KHOU 11 News, indicating that Quanell X used his position as a community “activist” to make money off of individuals seeking help and not addressing their concerns after receiving payment.


For years, the black community has always had voices rise from the shadows to become what has been deemed an “activist.”   Activism is the vigorous and sometimes aggressive action taken as a means of achieving political, social or other goals. 

112211_clarence_thomasWASHINGTON -- Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) is turning up the heat on Justice Clarence Thomas based on new information that builds upon previous reports of his alleged ethical lapses.

In late September, Slaughter had sent a letter to the Judicial Conference of the United States to request official action on Thomas’ multiyear failure to disclose his wife’s income from various conservative think tanks and activist organizations. The Judicial Conference is the principal policy-making and administrative body for the federal court system.

111511_sports_boneyby Jeffrey L. Boney

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan. I root for the Texans if they aren’t playing my team or battling for playoff position, but a fan is a fan. As is evidenced by this season, teams have their ups and their downs. In Miami, we lost our starting quarterback, Chad Henne, for the season and as a result had obtained a record of 0 wins and 7 losses. Talk about dismal.





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