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111511_jesse_jacksonBy George E. Curry
NNPA Columnist

Al Sharpton has patterned his career so closely after the Jesse Jackson model that he could be justifiably charged with identity theft. Like Jackson, he began wearing a Martin Luther King medallion around his neck. Like Jackson, he started his own civil rights organization. Like Jackson, he ran for president of the United States. Like Jackson, he now has his own radio and television shows. And like Jackson, he has become a confidante of the man who occupies the White House.

Matt Steps in for MattThe Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is out indefinitely with a “significant” right foot injury and he will miss being in action for the next two weeks or possibly even the remainder of the season.

The news came as a blow during head coach Gary Kubiak’s weekly press conference. Schaub was injured on a quarterback sneak coming out of the end zone late in the second quarter of Houston’s 37-9 win over Tampa Bay on Sunday. Schaub stayed in the game, but threw only three passes.

111511_ellis_assault_on_education_articleHouston-area legislators, parents and community leaders congregated at an exhibit highlighting Houston’s 175-year history of public education at the Willow Street Pump Station on Saturday to protest the Texas Legislature’s assault on public education with approximately $5 billion in cuts.


The $4 billion cut in state funding and the $1 billion cut in public education grants mean fewer teachers, larger class sizes, eliminated bus routes, cuts to extracurricular activities, fewer and older supplies and for the first time in Texas history, unfunded enrollment growth.

HISD School ChildrenThe North Forest community is in an uproar about the recent decision of Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott ordering the Houston Independent School District to annex the 7,500-student North Forest ISD beginning July 1, 2012. North Forest ISD has been under the control and supervision of TEA officials for two years.  Commissioner Scott first introduced the annexation proposal in July of this year, claiming that financial mismanagement and academic struggles warranted the decision. Kay Karr, who is currently serving as the appointed conservator by Commissioner Scott, will manage and oversee NFISD’s impending closure and annexation to HISD.

Texas State Board Denies Conference License Plates

Voting to deny this inappropriate and ill-conceived concept of a state issued confederate license plate in the second largest state in the union was the right thing to do.

Houston, TX – Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a Senior Member of the House Judiciary Committee released the following statement in regards to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board vote on the confederate flag state issued license plate:

Burglar Using SmartphonesAs most of you are probably aware, you can get free apps on your smart phone to monitor all police dispatcher’s calls anywhere in the United States, including the Houston Police Department. Burglars can now listen while burglarizing homes, and businesses, and listen to hear the police being dispatched to the scene, enabling the criminals to leave the scene before the police arrive.

Construction at an HISD High SchoolSmall businesses have always been the backbone of our economy and the key provider of jobs, employing two-thirds of the private sector work force and generating more than half of the private gross domestic product. Now more than ever, small businesses are needed to be the key engine to our nation’s economic recovery through their readiness and ability to employ greater numbers of the workforce.


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