Holidays ApproachingIf you run an ecommerce business, chances are your customers – regardless of their age, gender or economic status – are active on social networks and social media sharing sites.


Just consider the statistics from social media monitoring site Pingdom:




Angry Birds

As we continue to work through our Angry Birds addiction, this playful infographic offers some consolation. We’re not alone in our attraction to flinging the flying fowl. Why can’t we stop playing this game that started on the iPhone and now keeps spreading like wildfire on multiple platforms? Why is it so darn fun?

After the RecessionUnfortunately few operating businesses are immune to the effects of the recent credit crunch. As the threat of possible inflation and rising prices continues, oftentimes available credit will tighten. Small business owners may be left to restock inventories with less liquidity. This effect can quickly snowball and cause serious liquidity and credit problems. Keeping lines of credit open and maintaining an additional cash buffer may ease the pressure a bit. Business owners can also look for loans from less traditional sources. A permanent life insurance policy, for example, provides death benefit protection, but can build equity in the form of cash value you can borrow against should you need to.

Developer plans Wyndham Hotel DowntownOcean2Ocean Development LLC is planning to build a full-service hotel with at least 250 rooms near downtown Houston that will carry one of the Wyndham hotel brands.


This is the first Houston deal for the San Antonio developer, led by CEO Jim De La Garza, which will be general contractor for the project.

Twitter Terrorists?What might the 2011 version of Orson Welles’s War of the World‘s radio broadcast look like using today’s fastest method of information-sharing?

Gerardo Buganza, the interior secretary for Veracruz state in Mexico, said it could very well be the “Twitter terrorism” caused by two people who allegedly spread false reports of gunmen attacking schools and kidnapping children. Those reports caused such panic when parents scrambled around the city to get to their children that there were dozens of car accidents and emergency phone lines were jammed.


Crooks impersonate relatives or friends and ask for rescue funds.


Dubbed the “Grandma Scam,” a new type of crime is sweeping the nation and costing unwitting consumers untold thousands of dollars.

Here’s how it works: the crook contacts the victim by email, through a social networking site (such as Facebook) or by telephone. Many times the victims are senior citizens.

 Financial ResponsibilityGiven the current economy, the best time to start taking control of your finances is today. Being financially responsible doesn’t just happen. It’s a conscious decision you make to live within your means. Slowly, U.S. consumers may be catching on. A nationwide survey on the financial state of U.S. households, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, found only 13% of households are currently saving 7% or more of their disposable income, although fully 36% of households expect to save at this level in 5 to 10 years.1 While that trend may be encouraging, there remains ample room for improvement.


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