v19_biz_instagramSo maybe that $1 billion it cost Facebook to buy Instagram was a bargain after all.

The photo-sharing app is on fire. It now has more than 50 million users — and is adding new ones at the rate of roughly 5 million per week, according to its API.

Instagram hit 40 million users around April 13, and 30 million at the start of the month (no April Fooling). This is astonishing growth for an app that started 2012 with just 15 million users.

v19_biz_liftprogramMay 11-12 event will provide help for hundreds of potential homebuyers in Houston and May 17 workshop will help mortgage customers facing financial hardships

Houston named fifth city to host Wells Fargo’s ‘NeighborhoodLIFTSM program in support of stabilizing housing markets; Includes five-year goal of $3 billion in mortgage loans for Houston homebuyers

v13_foreign_currency_abroadSummer is the busiest time of year for travel and many people – whether going abroad for business or pleasure – need advice about foreign currency.

Even seasoned travelers can’t anticipate every financial need, so it’s important to consider all your options and select a combination of financial products for your trip abroad. These include foreign currency, traveler’s checks and credit/ATM debit cards. It’s generally a good idea to carry at least two of these.

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v13_google_seoThe announcement was made during a panel discussion at South-by-South West in Austin. Search Engine Roundtable quotes Google engineer Matt Cutts as saying…

“…we are trying to level the playing field a bit for all those people doing, for lack of better words, ‘Overly SEOing’ versus those making great content and great sites. We are trying to make Googlebots smarter.”

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v13_technology_ipadI spent the first five years of my life unaware that my bedroom had what we used to proudly call in the ’80s a “popcorn ceiling” — a plaster spray treatment that could be quickly applied and hide all those cracks and blemishes.

When I was five I got my first pair of glasses and discovered that I’d been playing under a stippled canopy all those years. I remember the slightly unnerving yet magical feeling of lying on my bed looking up at the ceiling that had previously been a blur of white.

v7_black_tech_gurus_castoroAnthony Castoro

Heatwave Interactive

Anthony Castoro started his first gaming company in 1993 while studying molecular bi­ology at the University of Texas. That venture didn’t last, and while he went on to do award-winning work with major industry players, the desire to strike out on his own persisted. In 2007 Castoro co-founded Heatwave Interactive with Donn McClendon. As CEO he oversees the develop­ment of a portfolio with film and music industry creden­tials. Samuel L. Jackson lent his voice to iSamJackson, an app capitalizing on the beauty of a few choice words. With Platinum Life, members can experience the false starts and glory of fame by playing the part of their favorite recording artists. Initially released with a hip hop and R&B catalogue, a country music version with MTV backing has recently gone live on Facebook.



v7_black_tech_gurus_beauchampJacqueline Beauchamp

Nerjyzed Entertainment

Having caught herself com­plaining about diversity in gaming, Jacqueline Beau­champ realized that she had to be the change she wanted to see. Three colleagues – all HBCU alum – caught her vi­sion and in 2004 they got to work. It took five years but when Nerjyzed Entertain­ment launched ‘The Black College Football Experience: The Doug Williams Edition’, they were not only fulfill­ing a dream, but breaking new ground. Never before had a black-owned company brought a game for a high-end console to market. Today it’s carried by Walmart, Game Stop and Amazon.


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