banner_val_weeks_healthJust like in a relationship, it is easy to ignore our skin when it is doing right. Most people can get away with just washing their skin and putting on a little petroleum jelly or moisturizer; but for those who may have problems with skin, maintenance can be all-consuming. For example acne can really challenge a woman’s confidence, eczema can make you uncomfortable with those itchy rashes, and even a problem as simple as dry skin can be very painful.

Dry skin doesn’t have a respect of person…in other words – DRY SKIN DOES NOT DESCRIMINATE. It can affect anyone. When normally hydrated skin loses too much water or oil, the results can be horribly dry skin.   Unfortunately aging skin becomes thinner and drier, leaving those in their 40’s and beyond more susceptible to dry skin.

v36_CoupleBlack people who survive brain bleed strokes are more likely than their white peers to have high blood pressure a year later, new research reveals. Intracranial haemorrhages represent about 10% of all strokes, but about four in 10 of these strokes lead to death in the first month. The study authors pointed out that high blood pressure is a critical modifiable risk factor for a bleeding stroke.

v36_CrestonThe Creston Missionary Baptist Church, under the excellent leadership of Rev. Niles Alexander, serving as it’s second Pastor, celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary. The banquet chaired by Bro. Michael Harris was recently held at Brady’s Landing. Deacon Terry Garner served as the Master of the Hour. The Welcome/Occasion was delivered by Sis. Shelia Henderson and Rev. Godwin Haynes rocked the house with a solo. Inductees to the Creston M.B.C. Hall of Fame was presented by Sis. Betty Green. “A Touch of Class”, instrumental solo by E. G. Wright. The highlight of the banquet was a special message form the Hon. Sylvester Turner, Esq., State Representative and Hooton’s only Statesman.

v30_washingtonIf you just look around at what’s going on in the world today, you would conclude that we live in a world where Satan does indeed have some sway. Plenty of Christians will tell you in the physical realm, he can appear to be in charge. For a moment let me used my sanctified imagination and purport how one might function in a world where the devil has power. For those of you, who might think this a bit farfetched, just substitute the term evil for the devil.

v36_KippingDeon Kipping is a name commonly seen in songwriting credits, but his singing gift is now front and center with the release of “I Just Want To Hear You.”

The 12-track album – written and produced by Kipping – is a fusion of pop, alternative, contemporary, and traditional Gospel sounds.

“I wanted to do a project that was eclectic enough to keep you interested, but not so much that you don’t get it,” he said. “There really is something for everyone on this CD, because my musical influences are so broad.”

banner-manson-johnson_thumb307_Job:1:2022; 13:15

Bible Fact: God expects for His chosen people to have the best of whatever He has.

The Big Idea: Thru faith and obedience it is the will of God to give believers what they need or desire.

Faith for my deliverance is not faith in God. Faith means, whether I am visibly delivered or not, I will stick to my belief that God is love. There are some things only learned in a fiery furnace. (Oswald Chambers in Run Today's Race.)

v35_owc_confCorporate and governmental supplier diversity officers, experienced and emerging business owners, teenpreneurs and exhibitors from as far away as Rhode Island, were among the attendees of the 4th Annual One Woman National Business Conference® and the Governor’s Small Business Forum at the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square on August 17-18, in Sugar Land, Texas, hosted by Texas Business Alliance.


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